sustainable STRATEGY

WE invest in

our future

We plan for an uncertain future in many ways. But we believe there is one way we change this: to meet the future’s requirements – certainly the social, environmental, and economic concerns. And that’s the reason we introduced our sustainable strategy back in 2018.

Being responsible is a corporate duty and working with sustainability is a prioritization. Working strategically with sustainability is a catalyst for the company’s development, success, and growth – locally and globally. Our strategy enables new opportunities for us to prioritize targets and integrate them into the organization’s daily operations to work even more systematically across the supply chain.

The Key Topics on our strategic agenda are Diversity and Inclusion, Green initiatives, and Accountability.

We are in a transition phase, and the dynamic societal trends drive us, and we experience sustainability is being branded more and more. But we do not believe the solution is (to produce more) to brand sustainability more. We believe the solution is to contribute most by looking into the company’s value and wisely utilizing our existing resources most – optimize, minimize and digitize the internal processes and external activities. And equally important, ensure to make this transition tangible for everyone. Support, motivate and communicate in a language that everyone understands.

Diversity and Inclusion, Green initiatives, and Accountability represent dynamic essentiality – a key driver for our company’s future development and growth and as a global society.

We develop sports- and active lifestyle products. Our Products are for everyone, everything, and anywhere.
Quality, functionality, durability, and longevity are some of the critical elements in our products, from the development stage to the final product.
From a transition perspective, these elements are far more critical and not limited to only matching our products. Quality, functionality, durability, and longevity are dynamic elements towards sustainable development – and that is what drives us in all our actives and what should be a vital portion in all business actives and products. Sustainability should be for everyone and not someone – a common baseline for all the products we buy, use, and love.

Diversity and Inclusion, Green initiatives, and Accountability represent our mindset for our future development and growth as a company and a global society.

WE target

to maximize performance

we engage

in external initiatives

Den Danske Naturfond

Nature is a gift – and a valuable resource for our planet’s wellbeing, today and in the future.
But our nature is under pressure. Wildlife and plants are endangered species due to globalization’s negative impact on destroying habitats. The Danish Nature Foundation invests, protects, and restores nature throughout Denmark, and we want to contribute to the establishment of improved conditions for forests and wildlife habitats; therefore, we support the foundation’s work. Our donations come from the sale of our products – and contribute 100% in full to the acquisition of valuable nature areas for protection, restoration, and extra care to nature.

The Ocean Cleanup

Every year, millions of tons of plastic enter the oceans, of which the majority spills out from rivers, and a large portion of this plastic travels to ocean garbage patches, getting caught in a vortex of circulating currents. If no action is taken, plastic will increasingly impact our ecosystems, health, and economies.
The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization developing and scaling technologies to rid the oceans of plastic, and we want to contribute to this mission. Our donations will provide financial support to give plastic a second chance and help turn a problem into a solution.

Danish Red Cross

About every 10th child in Denmark lives in a family with minimal economic resources. Such living conditions have consequences for children; they often experience feeling different and excluded from collective activities and social communities – simply because they do not have access to basic resources, which other children take for granted.

We believe children are children, and all children should have equal rights and access to learn, experience and develop!

We wish to close the gap and support our future talents!
Therefore, together with Sport24 and Red Cross, we have joined forces to help vulnerable children. Among some initiatives, we support with gift cards and donations from the sale of our products, to include all children having access to sportswear and equipment and participating in collective sports activities and active lifestyles.
Fundamental elements to joy, good well-being, and improved self-esteem, worth, and respect!

Plant a tree

The forest area counts for just below 4 billion hectares, 13 million hectares less in capacity than when agriculture originated. Yet, the forests and trees are the fundamental basis for our climate.
On an annual basis, at least a third of the forests are removed globally.
The loss of natural forests worldwide contributes to a higher increase in emissions than the entire transport sector (cars, planes, trains, etc.). Therefore it’s essential to re-establish the forests, and we want to be a part of it – and that’s why we support the foundation’s work. Our donations come from the sale of products, and in this way, we contribute to the planting of new trees and the re-establishment of pristine forests.

We commit to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.
For Sports Group Denmark, it’s not just about making a change.
It’s about making the biggest change possible.
THE UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals

At Sports Group Denmark the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals aren’t just empty promises. They play an important role in our sustainability strategy and daily work. And we have focused on the goals, where we believe, we can make the biggest change/impact:

Good health and well-being

We value the diversity in all individuals, and we promote good well-being and healthy lives. We represent an organization with an inclusive work environment – with respect for all individuals, no matter which religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation they may have.
We support and continuously strive to protect our employees’ health, safety, and rights.

Clean water and sanitation

Access to water and sanitation is a fundamental human right, as it’s a prerequisite for any positive development. Moreover, managing our water responsibly and taking care of our water ecosystems and biodiversity will contribute to the green transition in general – generating awareness and acting on the vital role of water will benefit our biodiversity and climate.

Decent work and economic growth

Human resources are the basis for environmental and economic growth, and we operate in countries where decent jobs and economic growth are vital elements in the fight to reduce poverty and improve livelihood.
We support – and we continuously strive to improve – personal development and social integration possibilities; this is a critical factor for female empowerment and gender equality.

Responsible consumption and production

We acknowledge that the textile industry (today) is causing environmental, climatic, and socioeconomic issues, and it is our responsibility to contribute to an improved supply chain performance and reduced environmental footprint.
We aim to continuously offer new initiatives in our products, which will contribute to resource optimization and information – we want to create awareness and help the customer choose consciously. Our responsibility is to provide our customers with the support they need to make responsible choices.

  • Our product portfolio contributes to active movements for all people of all ages.
  • We employ 10.000 people directly through our products and indirectly contribute to economic growth – especially to the people who need it the most.
  • We provide a safe and healthy work environment for our employees.
  • We design and develop our products for functionality (improved performance,
    durability and longevity) for the benefit of the people and the environment.
  • All internal employees and external workers have access to clean drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene – this is a fundamental principle and minimum requirement.

  • In manufacturing, suppliers are using water management systems to ensure a proper or improved water quality – to the extent that matches the size and purpose of the unit (e.g., reducing pollution, eliminating improper disposal, and minimizing the release of any hazardous chemicals or components)
      • We maintain a well-defined waste policy in our local offices.
      • We corporate with our suppliers to eliminate any waste related to and from the manufacturing processes, including:
        • Waste management systems
        • Utilize leftover fabrics or other components in other operations or products.
        • Donation to other units (often local and smaller units)
      • We corporate with local nonprofit organizations to prevent any unnecessary disposal of leftover garments – which other people can benefit from
      • We maintain a well-defined policy on chemical management, including REACH, SVCH, and the Restricted Substance List (RSL), which cover our chemical restrictions, to comply with the international legislation, best practices of the industry, and reductionism potential hazardous chemicals.

      • In manufacturing, suppliers maintain a well-defined policy on chemical management and follow the set chemical procedures in practice.
          • We value the diversity in all individuals, and we want to promote an inclusive work environment with respect – regardless of religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

          • We promote female empowerment. Today nearly 75% of the organization’s employees are women.

          • We promote a healthy and open-minded work environment, where we care about our employees’ well-being and want to bring out the best in everyone. Furthermore, we wish to facilitate efficient and productive teamwork across the value chain.

          • We protect our direct and indirect workers’ health, safety, and rights – and their communities – in our supply chain and distribution chains.

          • Our business behavior is outlined in our Code of Conduct (CoC), our written ethical and environmental guidelines, and requirements to all suppliers. The CoC is based on the ILO conventions and the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, which is documented in practice by social compliance certificate from an authorized institution.