corporate responsibility

Sustainability is

more important than ever

At Sports Group Denmark, we are deeply aware of the sustainability challenges worldwide, and we have joined the global collaboration across our industry to contribute with new initiatives and solutions that will advance the industry and shape a better future.

We do this by having a holistic approach to sustainability. Sustainable development is the result of the actions – the consequences of the responsibility in the choice, it is the “total sum” of our activities’ social, economic, and environmental value. In other words, sustainability is not only a question of the green transition. It’s much more than that. It is a societal transformation of social, environmental, and economic concerns.

We’re in this together

As a company with a diverse portfolio of products, we rely on many different suppliers. And many of these suppliers depend on us. We believe that everybody is a part of the solution and that no one should be left behind to pursue our goals.

Today, we have already implemented several social, economic, and environmental initiatives. Our suppliers are, e.g., already using waste management systems to minimize waste, and all leftover garments are donated to NGOs/partners. Furthermore, we choose to cooperate with manufacturers and suppliers, where sustainability is a part of their business strategy – or who are willing to join us on our journey. And we also promote female empowerment, as nearly 75% of our organization’s employees are women. None of this is a coincidence. These initiatives are a part of our sustainability strategy — a strategy where we also have adopted the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The journey towards a more sustainable future has just begun, and thanks to our terrific employees, we are on the right path. Together with everyone at Sports Group Denmark and all of our stakeholders, we hope that as many as possible will join us on our exciting journey.


Bjarne Jeppesen

CEO of Sports Group Denmark

Our mission

We design and develop highly functional and durable sportswear for everyone, for every purpose, for everyday-use.

Our vision

We want to develop sportswear that will encourage everyone to take a small step every day – towards a better future.

“For us, sustainability is not a label; it is a philosophy and corporate value that we express in our actions – in our decisions and ambitions.”

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People and Planet Strategy

People and Planet Strategy

People and Planet Strategy