About Us

At Sports Group Denmark we design, produce and distribute sportswear, casual clothing, accessories and footwear. With a total of 25 different brands, each specialized within their certain field, we now meet the indoor and outdoor apparel needs of the entire family 365 days a year.


All collections are created by our design team in Denmark. We work closely with our overseas partners to seek out the newest and most innovative materials, in order to develop items that are highly functional and comfortable, yet trendy, and offered at the best possible prices. Our designs are always high quality, fashionable and very affordable.

Our comprehensive range of products is available via large sportswear chains, as well as individually specialized retailers, in more than 10 different countries in Europe.


Sports Group Denmark was founded in 2012 by CEO Bjarne Jeppesen, a Danish innovator and entrepreneur. When he founded Sports Group Denmark, he had more than a decade’s experience with business management and sportswear development from previous leading positions in Asia. Sports Group Denmark took things to a new level in sportswear development- and distribution. The goal was to provide great quality sportswear at affordable prices. But high quality and low prices don’t always go hand in hand, however Sports Group Denmark knew exactly how to build the required setup to make it possible. Together they made a great effort to achieve this goal, and it’s fair to say that the effort paid off – fast!

Since the start in 2012 the company has grown extremely fast and is today one of the biggest Sportswear companies in Scandinavia – each year exceeding expectations, expanding employees and product range to what it is today. Through the years the company has established nine offices in Scandinavia, Germany and in our primary production country, China. The industrious and innovative mindset is reflected in all employees of the company. Every year new ambitious goals are set, and everyone works hard, committed and dedicated to achieving them. Countless times the goals are exceeded, which has resulted in the company winning several awards, for both outstanding results and excellent management.

With 25 brands and more than 2500 customers it’s fair to say, that it has been a crazy journey.

Welcome to the most competitive multi brand house, Sports Group Denmark.



As per June 2016 sports group denmark’s board of directors consists of:

Bjarne Jeppesen

Bjarne Jeppesen

CEO, Sports Group Denmark

Member of the Board of Directors since 2012

Mark Christiansen

Mark Christiansen

Sales Director, Sports Group Denmark

Member of the Board of Directors since 2013

Jan Jakobsen

Jan Jakobsen

Former CEO, Bloomingville and A-tex

Member of the Board of Directors since 2016.

Chairman of the Board, former CEO, Bloomingville and A-tex.

Dan Højgaard Jensen

Dan Højgaard Jensen

Partner in Industri Udvikling

Member of the Board of Directors since 2016

Kasper Philipsen

Kasper Philipsen

CEO, DK Company Vejle

Member of the Board of Directors since 2016

DK Company, co-owner and CEO in the Vejle branch of DK Company.