Take a trip through Sports Group Denmark’s history – from our foundation in 2012 up till today

August 2012

Sports Group Denmark is founded by Bjarne Jeppesen

September 2012

Our first office in Ikast opens.

January 2012

We start to produce clothes under our first brands; ZigZag and Whistler.

November 2012

Our office in China opens.

January 2013

Three new brands, Graffiti, Vertical and Endurance, are added to our brand portfolio.

September 2013

We get the agency to sell Italian CMP.

September 2013

Our brand Cruz is born.

January 2014

Our office in Copenhagen opens.

January 2014

We get the agency to sell Austrian brand Zanier.

April 2014

Fort Lauderdale brings cool college fashion into our brand portfolio.

May 2014

Our office in Norway opens.

November 2014

Our gear and equipment brand Cruz Gear is added.

March 2015

The outdoors gear brand Mols is added to our range of brands.

June 2015

We move to a new office in Ikast, Denmark.

October 2015

The brand Halo is included in our brand portfolio.

December 2015

Our brand Storm is added to our portfolio.

April 2016

We open an office in Finland.

May 2016

A cool way to tie your shoes. Coolknot is added to our brand family.

June 2016

Sports Group Denmark gets a new professionel Board of Directors.

September 2016

We open an office in Aalborg, Denmark.

November 2016

The brand Danish Apparal is added to the family.

November 2016

Sports Group Denmark receives The Trade Council’s Entrepreneurial Award (Vækstiværksætterpris 2016).